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Minnetonka Dental is dedicated to bringing smiles to life, for people of all ages! Our Dental office offers the most advanced dental technology, years of experience and caring staff – all in a relaxing environment. Our multitude of dental services includes teeth whitening, dental veneers, same day crowns, complete dental services, and many other services for your entire family. Minnetonka Dental can ease the stress of the dental experience. Our friendly team knows just how to settle those butterflies and reassure you and your family that they are safe and will stay comfortable throughout the whole visit, a service we provide to help is sedation dentistry, which offers three different levels of effective and safe sedation.

Complete Dental Care To Keep You Smiling For A Lifetime

Dental hygiene is important. Whether you’re a senior or an adult, it’s especially crucial for children and teens – as a parent, you imprint the precedence of health routines on your children, for their entire life; taking care and maintaining your teeth is an important aspect for health, appearances and self-confidence. If you forget about your teeth, they will disappear.

Minnetonka Dental is committed to helping you achieve and maintain a lifetime of oral health. We offer preventative dental services, which include teeth cleaning every six months – we’ll even send you a reminder via email or text. Our dental office offers restorative dental services, for when accidents happen or you’ve been delaying your dentist appointment for far too long, maybe from a case of dental phobia… We can also perform procedures, such as teeth whitening, porcelain veneers, bonding, dental implants, crowns, fillings, bridges, root canals, partials, dentures, oral surgery and even advanced periodontal treatment.

Each and every member of your family is able to get their complete dental needs taken care of, in one dental office – from the youngest to the oldest.

Nothing says confidence like a beautiful smile and in the center of that smile are your teeth. Trust the exceptional staff to provide you with a gentle and individualized dental experience, for all 32 of your teeth, give or take a few!

When you choose Minnetonka Dental, you won’t dread your dental appointments. Experience the comfort of our patient-focused dental care and call us today at 952-474-7057, to schedule an appointment.

Make your next dental appointment a positive experience! Minnetonka Dental provides convenient dental care for people of all ages in Minnetonka and the surrounding Minnesota areas throughout Excelsior, Wayzata, Hopkins, and Chanhassen.

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